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Acorn Housing Corp

Acorn Housing Corp. provides a comprehensive housing counseling service to assist low and moderate-income families and obtaining mortgages and home improvement loans. This program includes individual financial counseling, consumer education, delinquency counseling, and community meetings.

The program provides the following service in each city:

1. Identify low and moderate-income eligible purchases of single-family, small multi-family, cooperative units, and condominium properties.

2. Assist purchasers in identifying potential properties for purchase.

3. Prepare potential purchaser in making application at the bank, by receiving income history, debts, credit history, projected housing payment, estimated closing costs, and purchase documents.

4. Provide a regular program accredited budgeting classes, to assist people with credit problems or people without enough savings with down payment settlement costs.

5. Provide a longer-term, individualized plan for people with credit problems to reestablish their credit.

6. Sponsor 1 Acorn Bank fair each year to educate interested low and moderate-income people about the services provided by banks and opportunities available.

7. Sponsor community meetings to former low and moderate-income people about the home buying process and opportunity and AHC program.

8. Provide an aggressive marketing program aimed at minority low to moderate-income buyers.

9. Provide delinquency counseling to any AHC-referred family who have problems with late payments of their mortgage.



Them to Time

Baltimore, MD 21201 www.acorn.org

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Fax: 410-685-3521

Email: ahcmdlcba@acorn.org

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