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Bank of America CDA NACA
Suntrust Bank:Susan Wilkins  443-263-9017   410-570-7871  The Smart Commute Initiative Program Advance Bank
Special Program M & T    Reginald G Exum 410-244-4308 www.rgexum.com 203K  Toni Davis 410-486-6496 1st Mariner
Vacant Home Loan Fannie Mae Disability Loan Program
Teacher Loan Program Habitat for Humanity City Employee Program
Tough Loans
Sunset Mortgage: Margo Holmes 410-363-9511
US Mortgage Finance: Jim Pryor 443-318-0306 x 104
Atlantic Mortgage Center: 1-800-251-8226
Mortgage Broker: Joe McCleary: 410-746-4036
Countrywide Mortgage: Teresa : 410-515-3071 x 222
George Taylor:   Corestar Financial Group    1-443-921-1546

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